Ridee - We have got your ride

Ridee is linking riders to drivers across the world, we make your destination more accessible.
Ridee connects you to safe, reliable rides from professional drivers.

Wherever you are, wherever you go - you are sure to come across Ridee, and you can book any car that is close to you or book it through the website or mobile app for few minutes before use.

If you need to get to a meeting, party, tour or anything else, use our taxi service. Just connect to Ridee using Ridee mobile app and book a taxi anywhere.

You can drive to your destination and just leave the car in any permitted parking. You no longer need to go to the office every time you want to rent a car nor to waste time filling piles of documents for each rental, nor to return the car back to the agency's office!

Request your Ridee ride in seconds and watch your trained driver arrive in minutes. Ridee drivers are always available and ready to pick you up.

Ridee works only with professional taxi and for-hire drivers. Every time you ride with Ridee you’ll ride with a fully licensed, insured driver. No exceptions.

Ridee offers vehicle and payment choices to fit your needs. Easily book a taxi or for-hire car and
pay seamlessly with a credit card in the app or with cash in the car.


Ridee Mobile App

Ridee is the largest taxi booking app in the world. The application connects taxi drivers and passengers, allowing them to experience a fast, convenient and safe ride, with just a tap of a button.

Why Ridee?

Book a Ridee anytime, anywhere.
- The app automatically finds an ideal taxi for you. Just confirm your location and watch the cab approaching you, tracking it on the fingerprints with a real-time map. You can even call your driver to confirm timely arrival.

- We thoroughly screen and train each driver to ensure that only those with a clear history and best skills become our partners.

- Download Ridee for iPhone or Android to request your ride with the tap of a button, track your driver’s arrival and pay your fare seamlessly. On one click taxi will be at your door step